First Pictures

Today we saw you on an ultrasound for the first time.  Your Dad was grinning from ear to ear and I enjoyed seeing him this happy.  I believe you are going to have many of your Dads physical features. 🙂  We are unsure yet if you’re a boy or girl and either way it doesn’t matter.  We are excited and everyday are looking forward to meeting you.   We haven’t yet prepared your room.  Your Dads office is in there right now, but after the new year we are reorganizing the entire house and we will begin your room. 

I Love You,


First Heartbeat

Monday December 17th: 

Today your father and I went to visit the Doctor. We heard your heartbeat and I had to calm myself down so the heartbeat could come in clear.  We both were excited.
It makes it seem so real, and the excitement is finally setting in.  I am meant to be a Mom and that is my main job in this world.  Although we have much to do before you come, just know that your Father and I are the most excited about your soon arrival. 

Love Mom

I can hear you…

Today your Mom and I went to the first doctors appointment where I got to meet the doctor that will deliver you.  Your Mom had some tests that had to be done and as I found out after we sat there for a while they were going to listen for your heartbeat.  It was pretty exciting.  They put this microphone on your Mom’s belly and at first all I could hear was static as she moved it around, but then I could hear it.  “swish.. swish..swish…”  It was very exciting.  It looked like your Mom was about the cry and she had to calm down so that the nurse could measure your heartbeat.  (162 bpm).  I’m really looking forward to your birth and seeing you for the first time.  For now I’ll just have to see you through the ultrasounds, the first of which is scheduled for later this week.  🙂

Love, Dad

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