Over Due

Well you are officially 5 days past your due date and there have been a few contractions in the last couple of days.  We are waiting patiently for your handsome little face to come out.   Your parents are slacking on finishing your nursery, and there have been several calls of wonder from loved ones seeing if you have been born yet.  I thought for sure you were going to be born on July 4th with the contractions I was having that evening, but you proved me wrong.  Over ten days later and you are not here yet……  ugghhhh!   Many friends have delivered food and there was a shower/party thrown in your honor with many loved ones that came to present gifts for you.  Your brothers are home this week and they have been ever so eager to meet you.  Tonight you are moving a lot, and only recently you dropped into my pelvis lower and turned back around to face toward my spine.  (Midwifes call this position anterior: referring to the occipital part of the skull)  You are going to know about the body, about science  and computers.  I know you are coming soon so the I am sure the next blog will be about the delivery and your first few days out here.  The Hartmann BBQ is this weekend on Saturday and I am sure everyone is expecting to see you.  We will have to visit with everyone in the backyard, and hopefully I won’t be too tired.  I know your Dad is so excited and eager to show you off and for everyone to see you.  I Love You and had to write with excitement.


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