Can’t Wait to Hold You!

You are moving more and kicking a lot harder.  Many people on the outside have started talking to my belly.  I am sure you will recongnize many of their voices when you come out.  More people have been calling you by name.  Your Dad and I have come to have your name really grow on us.  We are excited to see what you look like.  Your next and final ultrasound is coming up and we requested 3D so we are able to see you better.  We have now registered at a couple places.  We cleaned the house and even moved the dogs out of the living room.  They now have their own spot in the basement by the back door.  Which has been quite nice actually.  I read every week new information online telling me what is new with you and my belly.  Your hearing is here, your eyelids are formed, your skin is now forming its protective layering and preparing for the outside world.  Soon your lungs will be fully developed and you will be coming out.  This post is actually rather pointless, but as the date comes closer, Your Dad, brothers and I are getting more and more excited to meet you.   I Love You so much already Caolan. 

Love Mom

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