An Accelerated Rate of Growth

So I noticed today 9/25 that when at close enough ranges….like your feet you will grab stuff.  Your Dad has been gone all week on business in Utah and I put you in your bear slippers and when you awoke in the morning we doing “sit-ups”.  You then grabbed your foot.  I thought it was cute.  You have been watching us eat for a couple of weeks now.  I am thinking you are definately ready for some cereal.  We will see how you do on some rice cereal.  You have been waking up and feeding in the middle of the night all week and you have been sleeping through the night since you were about 3 weeks old.  So I do believe we will press on.  You smile a lot and are a really happy baby.  I have learned how important it is to keep the little things like diaper changes and hunger under control because it seems that is how you learn more.  I have to go and tend to you now baby boy, I Love You!! 


So Big, So Fast…So Smart

Its hard for me to believe that you have been smiling since the day after you were born.  Your Father and I have suspected that you are going to start developing faster than the normal child.  You are now 8 weeks old and it appears sometimes that you will be rolling over soon.  Your smile steals my heart everyday and I live for your smile. 🙂  I have returned back to work, but your Dad and I have agreed that you will not go into daycare for a few months.  You are a very gassy baby and have had thrush.  That was thanks to dear Mom who had a systemic yeast infection since she was pregnant with you.  Breast feeding for the first three weeks made me want to give up due-to the pain from the yeast infection, but it is not so bad now.  Your Dad and I are thinking we are done having kids unless Mom gets pregnant without trying.  You are definately worth it though.  You have this really strong bond with your Dad.  It is truely special and worth bragging about.  We take you everywhere and in a couple weeks we all will be going to a wedding in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We have met your cousin Kelda now, and she is adorable.  You both actually look a lot alike, only your twice her size.  There have been many decisions to make and your Dad and I have carefully been making them all.  This is much different than all the decisions I had to make for your brothers.  Plus I am not making them alone, so in a way that makes it easier.  You are very loved and many, many people adore you.  You are already a star by the works of Mom’s partner at work Dr. Killian.  We shot a commercial at the office a few weeks ago and posted it online.  You and I were in the commercial.  🙂  I thought that was cool and so did your Dad.  I wake up every morning excited to see what you are/will be learning that day.  What new things are in store for us?  Only good things I do feel, and I hope they are happening at a comfortable pace for you.  You were born so big, you are growing so fast and you are so incredibly smart.   We are so very proud to call you our own.