Your Dad The Slacker

Something you will probably learn as you grow up….your Dad is a slacker. I put everything off. I’ve got the Ultrasound pictures from a month ago that I’m finally getting around to posting. So far in the last month I’ve found out your a boy, we’ve picked a name, and I’ve been able to feel you kick. A couple of nights ago your Mom and I got the stethoscope out to see if we could hear you, which didn’t work all that well, but you did kick once while your Mom was listening and I guess it was really loud. I try to feel for your kick every night before bed, so hopefully you’ll start kicking a little more often when I’m trying to feel them.


Caolan James!

Strong kicks have been coming my way.  Your Dad and I have come up with the name Caolan which is Gaelic meaning ‘slender’.  Your middle name is obviously your Dad’s and Grandpa Hartmann’s middle name.  I am eager to begin painting your room and getting that organized.  I am getting more and more excited everyday.  Your Dad feels my tummy in the morning and says, “Is he up yet?”.  I thought that was cute.  Can’t Wait!