Your a Boy!!!

On Feb 4th we did an ultrasound and discovered you were a boy.  Your Dad and I for sure thought you were going to be a girl.  We are so excited and become more excited everyday.  I have been so eager to start your room with the train theme.  I have been feeling you kick me so much more and I just know you are never going to like pickles.  I can’t get enough of them!!!  We are having a tough time deciding on a name, however, your Dad really wants to call you Thor………    No Comment.   Everything is very different this time than last time.  I have been bowling really well since I became pregnant and I hope I can keep my scores up after I deliver.  🙂  Your Father is a Phenomenal person and I look forward to you meeting him everyday.  I will never stop loving him, and your brothers are exceptionally happy that you are a boy.  They (your brothers) told me that if you were a girl….  you’de better be a girl that likes to play soccer and wrestle.  Your Dad and I have many plans for the future and we intend on making many of those memories with you.