Jennifer Lopezaˆ™s love life: Dating schedule, men and Breakups

Jennifer Lopezaˆ™s love life: Dating schedule, men and Breakups

Jenny from block is just one of the sexiest lady on earth, a fruitful US vocalist, performer, actress, and manufacturer. Their relationship was dramatic and always followed closely by the news since she had gotten married 3 x and outdated many celebs.

Ojani Noa

Jenniferaˆ™s first partner had been Ojani Noa, a star from Cuba. Jenny and Noa have partnered in February 1997, but their enjoy tale performednaˆ™t final a long time. The couple divorced merely 11 months later on. After most general public verbal assaults Noa answered to Jennifer Lopez, the official legal arbitrator issued a permanent injunction which forbids Noa from aˆ?criticizing, denigrating, casting in a bad light or otherwise disparagingaˆ? his ex-wife.

Sean aˆ?Diddyaˆ? Combs

Jenny and Sean P. Diddy found about audio video ready, while the pair is matchmaking until 2001. Later, within the interviews, Lopez said Diddy wasn’t devoted to her in their connection, however they remained buddies until nowadays. Sean P. Diddy mentioned Jennifer got one of his true fantastic loves without any doubt.

Cris Judd

Jenniferaˆ™s 2nd ex-husband, Chris Judd stated in interview for people Weekly in 2004, her marriage just performednaˆ™t perform and aˆ?as soon as you join get married, your canaˆ™t only disappearaˆ?. Read the rest of this entry »