An Accelerated Rate of Growth

So I noticed today 9/25 that when at close enough ranges….like your feet you will grab stuff.  Your Dad has been gone all week on business in Utah and I put you in your bear slippers and when you awoke in the morning we doing “sit-ups”.  You then grabbed your foot.  I thought it was cute.  You have been watching us eat for a couple of weeks now.  I am thinking you are definately ready for some cereal.  We will see how you do on some rice cereal.  You have been waking up and feeding in the middle of the night all week and you have been sleeping through the night since you were about 3 weeks old.  So I do believe we will press on.  You smile a lot and are a really happy baby.  I have learned how important it is to keep the little things like diaper changes and hunger under control because it seems that is how you learn more.  I have to go and tend to you now baby boy, I Love You!! 


So Big, So Fast…So Smart

Its hard for me to believe that you have been smiling since the day after you were born.  Your Father and I have suspected that you are going to start developing faster than the normal child.  You are now 8 weeks old and it appears sometimes that you will be rolling over soon.  Your smile steals my heart everyday and I live for your smile. 🙂  I have returned back to work, but your Dad and I have agreed that you will not go into daycare for a few months.  You are a very gassy baby and have had thrush.  That was thanks to dear Mom who had a systemic yeast infection since she was pregnant with you.  Breast feeding for the first three weeks made me want to give up due-to the pain from the yeast infection, but it is not so bad now.  Your Dad and I are thinking we are done having kids unless Mom gets pregnant without trying.  You are definately worth it though.  You have this really strong bond with your Dad.  It is truely special and worth bragging about.  We take you everywhere and in a couple weeks we all will be going to a wedding in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We have met your cousin Kelda now, and she is adorable.  You both actually look a lot alike, only your twice her size.  There have been many decisions to make and your Dad and I have carefully been making them all.  This is much different than all the decisions I had to make for your brothers.  Plus I am not making them alone, so in a way that makes it easier.  You are very loved and many, many people adore you.  You are already a star by the works of Mom’s partner at work Dr. Killian.  We shot a commercial at the office a few weeks ago and posted it online.  You and I were in the commercial.  🙂  I thought that was cool and so did your Dad.  I wake up every morning excited to see what you are/will be learning that day.  What new things are in store for us?  Only good things I do feel, and I hope they are happening at a comfortable pace for you.  You were born so big, you are growing so fast and you are so incredibly smart.   We are so very proud to call you our own. 

You had me from hello…..

You were born exactly a week ago on July 16, 2008 at 5:36pm.  You weighed 9lbs 12oz and were 22 1/2 inches long.  The delivery went so well and you barely ‘scratched’ Mommy coming out.  I am so amazed at how beautiful of a baby you are and I feel so blessed that you picked us.  We have slowly been trying to introduce the dogs to you as they have been going through some jealousy ‘spits’.  They don’t really show the jealousy, but we are guessing that is the cause of their behavior.  I had a 15 hour labor with 45 min of pushing.  My water broke on the eve of July 15th at approximately 10:45/11:00 while your brothers and I were singing songs and dancing around.  I went to go and show your Dad a ‘funny’ dance I was doing, leaned over the dog gate and my water broke.  I then went to sleep until I got up at 2:30am and began having contractions.  I sat in the living room chair until approx. 8am when they began to get a little stronger.  From 8 – 12noon they stayed at ‘medium’ contractions’ and I began having really hard contractions from noon – 4:30pm.  Kate and Keisha arrived then and Kate checked to see if I was dialiated and it was a perfect 10 if not bigger she says ‘okay to push’.  So I thought I would try pushing.  They asked if I wanted to get into the tub and after the next contraction they helped me into the tub from the futon.  I stepped into the water and it was warm, it surrounded my body like a blanket.  In a weird way it cooled me off and warmed me at the same time.  I just wanted to lean over the edge of the pool as that seemed to be the most comfortable position for me to be in (on my knees, funny huh?).  I began to get the hang of the delivery when I realized that after I pushed and you would begin moving down the canal you would move a little more back in if I didn’t sustain/hold you there with a ‘kegal’ exercise.  I then delivered you at 5:36pm.  They told me to reach down and grab you.  I turned over and held you on my chest, for you were the most beautiful baby.  I remember saying ‘hello’ to you and just wanting to be cleaned up and snuggle with you.  Which pretty much is all I have been doing in the last week.  We did take you out for a few hours on Saturday July 19th to the backyard BBQ to meet your Hartmann family.  You have had SEVERAL visitors in the last week and your Dad and I went to Mason to get your birth certificate.  My Godfather, Mike Ryder, works there and we were blessed enough to visit with him and his co-workers as well as he graciously paid for the certificates.  We then went over to Mommy’s work and you were adjusted for the first time.  Doc told us that you had the best/strongest spine on a newborn he had ever felt. 🙂  We followed that by going over, beating the rain, to buy you a stroller and new car seat for Dad’s car.  We are eager to try it out because the darn thing is so cool.  So lately it has been eating, changing, sleeping and burping you.  Oh, and music, you LOVE music.  I put on music and you just listen and soak it up like a sponge.  The boys left to their Dad’s on  Sunday and will be back this coming Sunday and I know they miss you, I feel it.  I will end for now, we already have lots of pictures and we will be posting your picture on the blog here real soon.  I need to put together the announcements and get those out.  You are so loved by so many people out here and your cousin Kelda should be born any day between now and August 5th as Aunt Jessi is scheduled to deliver if not by then.  I Love You!


PS Although your first name rhymes with Grandpa Meeks’ and your middle name is your Dad’s and Grandpa Hartmann’s middle name; we discovered that you were born on the same day of your Great Great Uncle Jim (James Mussell)  He is Babci (Grandma Karazim’s) brother AND your middle name is the same as his first name.  🙂 🙂  Cool huh?

Over Due

Well you are officially 5 days past your due date and there have been a few contractions in the last couple of days.  We are waiting patiently for your handsome little face to come out.   Your parents are slacking on finishing your nursery, and there have been several calls of wonder from loved ones seeing if you have been born yet.  I thought for sure you were going to be born on July 4th with the contractions I was having that evening, but you proved me wrong.  Over ten days later and you are not here yet……  ugghhhh!   Many friends have delivered food and there was a shower/party thrown in your honor with many loved ones that came to present gifts for you.  Your brothers are home this week and they have been ever so eager to meet you.  Tonight you are moving a lot, and only recently you dropped into my pelvis lower and turned back around to face toward my spine.  (Midwifes call this position anterior: referring to the occipital part of the skull)  You are going to know about the body, about science  and computers.  I know you are coming soon so the I am sure the next blog will be about the delivery and your first few days out here.  The Hartmann BBQ is this weekend on Saturday and I am sure everyone is expecting to see you.  We will have to visit with everyone in the backyard, and hopefully I won’t be too tired.  I know your Dad is so excited and eager to show you off and for everyone to see you.  I Love You and had to write with excitement.


New Ultrasound Pictures “32 Weeks”





Can’t Wait to Hold You!

You are moving more and kicking a lot harder.  Many people on the outside have started talking to my belly.  I am sure you will recongnize many of their voices when you come out.  More people have been calling you by name.  Your Dad and I have come to have your name really grow on us.  We are excited to see what you look like.  Your next and final ultrasound is coming up and we requested 3D so we are able to see you better.  We have now registered at a couple places.  We cleaned the house and even moved the dogs out of the living room.  They now have their own spot in the basement by the back door.  Which has been quite nice actually.  I read every week new information online telling me what is new with you and my belly.  Your hearing is here, your eyelids are formed, your skin is now forming its protective layering and preparing for the outside world.  Soon your lungs will be fully developed and you will be coming out.  This post is actually rather pointless, but as the date comes closer, Your Dad, brothers and I are getting more and more excited to meet you.   I Love You so much already Caolan. 

Love Mom

Your Dad The Slacker

Something you will probably learn as you grow up….your Dad is a slacker. I put everything off. I’ve got the Ultrasound pictures from a month ago that I’m finally getting around to posting. So far in the last month I’ve found out your a boy, we’ve picked a name, and I’ve been able to feel you kick. A couple of nights ago your Mom and I got the stethoscope out to see if we could hear you, which didn’t work all that well, but you did kick once while your Mom was listening and I guess it was really loud. I try to feel for your kick every night before bed, so hopefully you’ll start kicking a little more often when I’m trying to feel them.


Caolan James!

Strong kicks have been coming my way.  Your Dad and I have come up with the name Caolan which is Gaelic meaning ‘slender’.  Your middle name is obviously your Dad’s and Grandpa Hartmann’s middle name.  I am eager to begin painting your room and getting that organized.  I am getting more and more excited everyday.  Your Dad feels my tummy in the morning and says, “Is he up yet?”.  I thought that was cute.  Can’t Wait! 


Your a Boy!!!

On Feb 4th we did an ultrasound and discovered you were a boy.  Your Dad and I for sure thought you were going to be a girl.  We are so excited and become more excited everyday.  I have been so eager to start your room with the train theme.  I have been feeling you kick me so much more and I just know you are never going to like pickles.  I can’t get enough of them!!!  We are having a tough time deciding on a name, however, your Dad really wants to call you Thor………    No Comment.   Everything is very different this time than last time.  I have been bowling really well since I became pregnant and I hope I can keep my scores up after I deliver.  🙂  Your Father is a Phenomenal person and I look forward to you meeting him everyday.  I will never stop loving him, and your brothers are exceptionally happy that you are a boy.  They (your brothers) told me that if you were a girl….  you’de better be a girl that likes to play soccer and wrestle.  Your Dad and I have many plans for the future and we intend on making many of those memories with you. 


Today was Ultrasound day! We went to the doctors and they used an ultrasound machine to take pictures of you. They weren’t great pictures, but they are good enough to make out your shape. It was pretty neat seeing you move around and I was even able to see your heart beat. In a little over a month we’ll get another one done, and by then your features will be more defined and we may even be able to tell if your a girl or a boy.


Ultrasound Picture 1

Ultrasound Picture 2

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